Feedback Sport Mechanic Repair Stand


After many years of wrenching my bike resting on its seat and grips, I decided that it was time to invest. How could have I spent so many years without a repair stand?

There was no assembly to do after unboxing the stand, and it was ready to use right away. All the adjusters are big and easy to grip, and everything is made to last a long time. It is straightforward to use, and the stand can be adjusted to fit pretty much any bike, frame and size. I even used it to hold a bike vertically and it was very stable.

After more than six years of wrenching and folding/unfolding the stand, it still works as new. There is no loose in the legs, all the plastic parts are still intact, and the grip/clamp is as good as the first day. I don’t see why it wouldn’t last at least another six years. The plastics used are also pretty dense, so oil and grease can easily be washed after use. Mine still looks like new after all those years.

Compared to the competitors, it is at least as stable as the blue brand equivalent, and it was cheaper than the PCS10 when I bought it. In my opinion, the only thing missing on the Feedback stand would be a quick release for the clamp, and maybe an easier to tighten round knob for the stand’s rotating arm (Edit : I probably have the old version, and the new one pictured here seems to have an updated grippier knob).

All in all that’s one of the best bike-related buys I’ve made over the years, and I couldn’t live without it anymore.