Pure Bliss with Spencer Rathkamp


Return to riding, in the purest form. Forget racing, forget Strava and forget the competitive nature associated with riding bikes and step back to the reason that keeps bringing us back. It is exactly what we get excited for and why each and every one of us enjoys these two-wheeled, human-powered machines. Get out and do just that, in whatever way gives you these experiences.

Photos: Satchel Cronk // Video: Austin White

My name is Spencer Rathkamp and I am a rider from Southern California who is no stranger to the races and the hardship that everyone is up against. Only two years ago, I was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome which forced me to take a step back. After an eight-month hiatus, I returned to the bike with a new flame. While racing at the top level will always be a dream of mine, I have learned to be grateful for these bikes and enjoy them in their purest form. These bikes put a smile on my face each day spent on one and I make sure to spend as many days I can each week riding local trails with my buddies. 

Hope you guys enjoy this short piece and want to get out on your bikes!

-Spencer Rathkamp