evo Gear Picks: Complete, New Bikes and Components for 2019


The ultimate trail bike, new for 2019.

A top-level carbon 29er.

The gold standard in enduro and trail tires

Get a grip with these flat pedals.

CamelBak’s classic MTB hydration pack

Ditch the blanket and get a real tailgate pad this season.

Advanced safety features and top-notch comfort.

Full-featured flat pedal riding shoes.

A 27.5″ trail bike that doesn’t break the bank.

$2,249.25   MSRP: $2,999.00

Soft and flexible when you need it, hard and protective when you fall.

Stretchy backs, padded palms – great all around gloves.

Can’t decide between full-face and half-shell? Now you don’t have to.

Save big on this carbon bike with top components.

$3,399.97   MSRP: $5,600.00

A must have on every mountain bike.

The best in on-trail vision.