Bike Check: Richie Rude's All-New SB150 29er


Unlike the also-new SB100, the SB150's Switch Infinity unit sits in parallel with the frame, just like the SB6. The shock being driven by a small linkage rather than the swingarm itself is a big reason for the water bottle real estate.
Yeti's twenty-three-year-old enduro monster has an all-new bike to race on this season, a bike that takes over the SB6's slot as the burliest, slackest rig in Yeti's catalog. The SB150 is a 29'' wheeled, 150mm-travel (duh) all-mountain and enduro sled with a 64.5-degree head angle and, get this, room for a bottle inside the front triangle. Cue angels singing and me finally not moaning for once. There are other details, too, like how the shock is driven by a link rather than straight off the swingarm, some tweaks to the suspension rate, and a 44mm offset fork with 170mm of stroke. Reach is nice and roomy as well, with a 460mm number for the medium, and 480mm for the large size that Richie prefers.

Richie is on the older Shimano kit rather than the still-rare 9100 group. He often runs CushCore inserts in both of his wheels, but sometimes takes it out of the front if the course isn't too rough.
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