We Are One's New Handlebar and 26


Carbon fiber usually comes from Asia, right? Right, but it also comes from other places, including Canada. We Are One manufactures all of their carbon rims - and their new handlebar - at their Kamloops, BC, facility.
We Are One says that the aluminum shim protects the carbon tube from clamping forces.
The new handlebar, tentatively named Da Bar, is a result of a collab with German brand 77Designz who came to We Are One with the idea to use an aluminum sleeve in the clamping zone. The concept sounds obvious now: To protect the carbon fiber from being damaged by the stem's clamp, and to spread out the forces as much as possible. The less obvious stuff is that the carbon bar is actually 33mm in diameter and that the aluminum sleeve takes up the rest to make a 35mm clamp zone. The sleeve floats very slightly, too, which lets it end up in exactly the right spot, and there's a raised section in the carbon that keeps it in place until you clamp it in your stem.
77Designz might have one of the best looking stems out there.
The handlebar pictured here weighs 250-grams, but We Are One says that they can get a bit more weight out of while still easily meeting the downhill testing standards. They're don't have an MSRP nailed down yet, but expect it to be in-line with other high-end carbon handlebars.
We Are One's carbon rims are all made in-house at their Canadian facility.
That you reposting ''26 ain't dead'' under on any and every article that mentions wheels? Turns out you're not wrong. We Are One showed me their new Coup carbon rim that they've made for dirt jumping and slope use. There's a Canadian guy named Brett Rheeder who's pretty handy at both of those things, and the Coup is his signature rim that's been designed to have a relatively tight rim and tire bead interface to keep the tire on when rotations go too far or not far enough.
Their entire range of rims have been revamped with new profiles and lower heights to offer more forgiveness.