We Are One Composites' Dustin Adams on the Downtime Podcast


Dustin Adams - Not Doing Things by HalvesWords - Chris HallDustin Adams has had quite a ride so far! He was one of the first Canadian downhillers to really break into the American and World downhill scene, even taking a World Cup podium alongside Steve Peat and Fabien Barel. Some unfortunate turns meant that Dustin left the mountain bike scene for a while, but the lure of bikes was strong, and after some years away, he came back, this time as part of the industry. Dustin has recently set up We Are One Composites, and is making carbon wheels in Kamloops, Canada, rather than taking the more usual Far Eastern supply route. Not one to do things by halves, Dustin's story is pretty inspirational, and a great listen, so get stuck in using the player above.

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