Video: 8 New & Interesting Products


The Taipei Cycle Show might feel like it just happened a few weeks ago (it happened just a few weeks ago), but now we've gone from Taiwan to California for Sea Otter 2019. With the demise of Interbike, The Otter is more important than ever and it seems to be thriving; the venue even had to expand this year to include more booths and more people. A lot of that is surely down to battery-powered attendees, but there are some interesting things to see on the human-powered front as well.

Structure Cycleworks showed up with a fresh-out-of-the-mold carbon fiber linkage bike that might be from a Ridley Scott-inspired future. Looks aside, I'm as curious as ever when it comes to anyone trying to do something different. Rotor's 13-speed mineral-powered drivetrain is at the show, too, and it'll be available in the summer. This summer! RC took a look at Kate Courtney's (AKA the World Champ) Scott Scale that probably weighs less than the dual-ply Minions you put on your trail bike, and Sarah Moore spotted Giant's new footwear lineup.

As for me, I spent most of the day on an electric bike that supplemented its pedal-assist with a motorbike-style throttle. I don't think I turned the cranks over once. In between the skids and donuts, I managed to check out Hope's beautiful HB130 frame, SR Suntour's updated Axon fork, Walmart's entry into the high-end mountain bike world, Niner's full-suspension gravel bike (I swear it's neat), and some clever components from the guys at OneUp. MENTIONS: @pinkbikeoriginals