Video: Pedro Ferriera's Valparaiso Urban Downhill Winning Run POV


Check out the winning run from Pedro Ferreira, the first Chilean to win the Valparaiso urban downhill race in its 17-year history. The track was 250 metres longer this year and Ferriera put down a time 02:50.084, which was enough to take the win as fastest qualifier Thomas Slavik crashed out in finals.
bigquotes I am very happy. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of winning this race and it fills me with pride to be able to do it. I have won competitions abroad, but it definitely feels much better in my country. I always felt the support of the crowd and I was hearing my name through the whole run.Pedro Ferriera

Results1. Pedro Ferreira (Chile) 02:50.0842. Felipe Agurto (Chile) +0.4683. Johannes Fischbach (Germany) +0.7114. Oscar Harnstrom (Sweden) +2.1035. Remy Metailler (France) +3.051

Watch the full replay here.