Video: Tom Isted's Welcome to GT Edit


Newly named GT Bicycles Wingman Tom Isted is the type of rider that puts it all out there in the air, and he knows that you don't need a DH bike to send the big stuff. So, press play and engage full send mode to see why Tom is the newest member of the GT Wing Project family.
bigquotes I started riding BMX from 10 and was competing from the age of 18. After watching my first FMB contest in person at FISE Montpellier I thought to myself ‘that looks like fun’. As ramps in BMX haven’t really changed for 10 years, I felt like it was time for a change. The idea of riding bigger course really appealed to me and two years later, here we are. [This edit] was filmed at Woody’s bike park in Cornwall mainly to just show that you don’t need a DH bike to ride big stuff, 100mm is plenty!Tom Isted

Welcome to the Wing Project, Tom!