Video: Sydney, Australia Has Mountain Biking, But No Mountains


We wanted to do something different with this film. Most Australian mountain bike edits are full throttle - balls to the wall, think Chris Kovarik drifting fireroads to a death metal track. This isn’t that, if that’s what you’re expecting you’ll be disappointed. If you’re after something of that nature, go watch “Drift III” (2006), an awesome Aussie mountain bike film, Google it. Mountain bike websites are filled with amazing short films showcasing some of the best riding, mountain ranges and scenery out there. You won’t see too much of that from Sydney (Australia), frankly because there aren’t any mountains, and to be honest, barely any hills here. The majority of Sydney-siders have no idea; most people here think mountain biking in Sydney is what they saw in BMX Bandits (1983). We’re so far off cities like Vancouver, where the general population have a good idea of what mountain biking actually entails. We don’t really expect people in Sydney to know, bless them. Remember - there aren’t any mountains here! Despite this, Sydney’s trail network and mountain biking community are growing steadily; and just like the time you thought you were making love to the one of your dreams (but it was a dream), this is happening through the wonderful powers of denial. There are some awesome pockets of bushland around Sydney, most of which isn’t utilised by the masses. Our theory is that most people here don’t even know it’s there; they don’t go looking for it because that’s not what Sydney “is”. The Sydney vibe is basically The Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach and the "piccolo-espresso-double shot-extra hot-on a 50/50 blend of almond and soy" folk. 'In Denial' takes a brief look into the mindset of mountain bikers living in a city with no elevation. It’s definitely the wrong mindset for our geographical location, but it’s starting to work out alright through the hard work and resourcefulness of a lot of trail builders and clubs like the Garigal Gorillas. Massive props to them. Shout out to two up and coming Aussie bands for letting us use their tracks.

-Seaside (https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/seaside-0)

-Fragile Animals (https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/fragile-animals)