Video: Steep & Fast on Vancouver Island in 'Unbroken'


The offseason on Vancouver Island presents a unique time when the dirt is tacky, the trails are running mint, and the close-knit community of DH riders is constantly pushing each other's limits in training for the upcoming season.
"I have been racing downhill for 3 years now, 2019 being my fourth. This will be my second year competing in the elite category, although 2018 was the first time upon completing the entirety of the season. With the limited experience I had, I was more inclined towards a sense of checkers or wreckers mentality, resulting in multiple fractured bones and struggling to complete a summer of racing. But as I got more races under my belt, my mentality on how I approached racing began to shift. As the amount of time spent healing on the couch decreased, the time spent on the bike increased. My riding became more composed, I was crashing less frequently, and my level of riding had never been so high" - Trevor Attridge "Nearly every weekend during the winter is dedicated to shuttling Prevost. Riding here with an intent to improve is when I see significant progress made during the offseason. These are the days that make me feel alive, shuttling with your best mates, headbanging to the sound of punk rock during the uplift, cracking jokes and discussing the wild moments of the previous lap. Attention turns. Focused now on the next 5 minutes of gnarly chutes to catch corners, flat out death gripping, and pulling for 30ft road gaps. Prevost is one of those riding zones that if you don’t have the necessary skills to tackle this beast, it will chew you up and spit you right back out" - Trevor

"Living on Vancouver Island offers some of the best winter training around. Home to Mt. Prevost, a well-established downhill shuttle destination known for its deep ruts and large gaps. Here, the late Stevie Smith trained and his presence is still felt upon us as we drop in for each lap. His story will continue to be told, being an inspiration for the next generation of riders to roam the woods of Prevost" - TrevorVideo - Liam Morgan Photos - Max McCulloch

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