Video: Speed & Effortless Trials Skill in Spain with David Cachon


As you know, I love discovering new places to ride my bicycle. I look for the sensations on the bike that only come when you get off of the beaten path. The environment, the landscape, the climate, and the local people have a very high impact on a place's success. Cabanes, a town located in the province of Castellón (Valencian Community, Spain) was one of those places I had not yet noticed, a small diamond that shimmers at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea. The contrast between sea and mountains make Cabanes a truly special place where the landscape changes radically without having to travel many kilometers. A mild climate throughout the year makes it an ideal place to get lost in while pedaling.
On the terrain:When this adventure began, the first thing I did was to see the situation on a map, I wanted to know exactly what we were going to face. Cabanes is at the base of a triangle formed by Tarragona, Zaragoza and Valencia which makes communication easy and varied. I needed to have more information about the trails and the orography of the area, so I picked up the phone and called my friend Paco from Bikes at Forest. They were in charge of signing this area and I was sure they could help me. Almost immediately Paco signed up for the expedition and we met in the town of Cabanes.The trails of Cabanes are firm and stone predominates. We could classify it as dry land, although depending on the time of year maybe you can find something wetter. These are very well studied routes where there are trails for all levels of riding, from the initiation to very technical and fast areas. The weather is one of its strengths and is that the guys with the fine wheels already knew this place well, many professional teams come to prepare the preseason because they know they will find a benevolent climate, little traffic roads, and some interesting mountain passes.Another bit of data that caught our attention was its gastronomy, and that the children of the Hotel Rural Vía Natura delighted our palate with their fish and homemade desserts. A great option if you want to make a trip as a couple, a romantic hotel where good treatment is paramount.

Text & Riding: David Cachon
Photography: Fernando Marmolejo