Video: Nothing But Fun on a Week Long Trip to Morzine


Each year, like hundreds of others, we make a trip to the mountain biking mecca of Europe; Morzine. This year we made sure to document our whole trip and this is the end result of what happens when you and your best mates have no plans but just having fun!
The first day involved many trains (Wease leading out Willy G and Matt)! While the boys were doing plenty of trains, Zac couldn't help but session some of the famous Super Morzine jumps. Wease soon joined in and showed off his racing background with a scrub!
The boys didn't take long to get to work and here we see them checking footage of Wease smashing some roots.
Willy G and Max couldn't wait to catch another lift straight to the top, while Matt took a moment to relax after endless laps!All the riding from the week resulted in this video from Matt. We all feel so lucky to have this to look back on as we grow up and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to relive our week of fun in the Alps!