Video: Nicholi Rogatkin & Reed Boggs Shred Highland MTB Park


Nicholi Rogatkin, Reed Boggs, and David Lieb training at Highland prior to the recent slopestyle contests
A pro who can commonly be found at Highland, Reed Boggs tossing some dirt jump steeze.Nac Nac, who's there?
bigquotes You could ride Downhill bikes all around the mountain and you could ride the foam pit. They have an Air Bag, some drops, they just have everything to offer to better yourself in mountain bikingReed Boggs, Ayr Academy coach

Nicholi Rogatkin, putting in work at the world-class dirt jumps that Highland offers
bigquotes With everything that Highland has to offer, it seriously makes it the perfect training grounds for me to be ready for every slope eventNicholi Rogatkin, Slopestyle Athlete

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