Video: Moab's Captain Ahab Like You've Never Seen Before in 'Transcend'


Imagine this; take your favorite trail—the one you can jam through with your eyes closed—and take a picture in your mind. Got it? Feel every turn? See every tree, every drop, every little rock? Now flip it, and take another picture of the trail... as it flows uphill. Do you recognize it? Would you know its subtleties the way you do when you’re headed down?
Transcend is about elevating yourself beyond the usual. Developing a new perspective for the trails you ride and reinventing what’s familiar. And maybe, as Bringhurst does, proving that yes—you can have steeze while going up.“The reason I named this film Transcend is because I want to inspire people to take their trail and reimagine it and do more.,” he says. “I hope this film gets people stoked to go out and reimagine, look at their own trails in a new way.”Enjoy this journey on Captain Ahab… going up!