Video: Jeff Lenosky Leaves Giant After 17 Years


After 17 years with the brand, Jeff Lenosky is leaving Giant. Jeff is a trials and freeride legend and a regular in classic mountain bike films, he also holds the record for the highest bunny hop on a mountain bike. He is still active in the mountain bike world and runs bike demos and the Trail Boss YouTube series.Reading between the lines of comments on social media, it seems that Jeff wasn't the one that made this decision but with partners lined up already for next year he is content to carry on trucking with a new sponsor. In the meantime enjoy this collection he's put together of classic clips both old and new from his time working with Giant.
bigquotes For the past 17 years I’ve ridden for Giant Bicycles and it was a brand I always figured I’d end my career with. Sometimes things don’t turn out as we planned and in 2019 we’ll be parting ways. We had one of the longest relationships in the industry so it would be impossible to not have some great memories. I decided to put together some of my favorite clips from nearly two decades to say thank you to Giant Bicycles.Jeff Lenosky