Video: Industry Nine's Hub Manufacturing Process in Asheville


PRESS RELEASE: Industry Nine

The only constant is change. Like any advance forward, change is informed by any number of factors - determination, adaptation, survival instincts and thousands of trial and error sets. Every ride, every trail and every hour in the saddle is built into the DNA of Hydra and 101.Hydra is designed with lightning quick 690 POE resulting in 0.52° between engagements offering the rider previously unheard of responsiveness. This near-instantaneous engagement allows the bike to claw up the most technical climbs, manual at a split seconds notice and rocket out of every corner.The 101 hub stays true to our performance heritage here at Industry Nine. Featuring a dual phased-pawl drive mechanism accomplishing 90 POE and 4° engagement by way of a six pawl driver and 45 tooth drivering, 101 takes a no-nonsense approach in welcoming riders to Industry Nine.Every rider who’s ever put a pedal down to apply power to an i9 hub has a part in bringing us to this point, a project over two and a half years in the making.We're proud to now offer not only the next step in high engagement hub technology with Hydra, but to bring a quality, high engagement budget option to all riders with the 101 as well.

Evolve. Innovate. Ride. Repeat.

Industry Nine

Video by Tommy Penick

Rider and i9 Athlete David LiebMENTIONS: @Industry-Nine