Video: Get the Full 'Press Camp Experience' from Transition


2019 Transition Carbon Patrols AVAILABLE NOW!

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Welcome esteemed media guests.

Let's dig into the details.

When compared to a 4.20 wallet thickness, you can see the Costanza is clearly outdated.

We've got 3 or 4 slides we really want to drill down.

2019 Patrol Carbon XO1

Esteemed media guest enjoying some primo NW Summer dust

Transition owner Kyle working on some new helmet tech

Kelefari slipping sideways

Jimmy's alter ego Lars learning how to wake surf

The biggest bar humps in the game

Cheers from the crew at Transition Bikes

"To whom it may concern,Bikes are rad. There are some bad eggs but for the most part, the people involved are just like the rest of us. Having a good time in the woods, drifting around in the dirt on these two-wheeled machines that give us super powers, is the number one goal for most. Whether a business head, fun seeker, or complete train wreck, everyone is after the same thing, a bloody good time keeping the inner child satisfied. Keep it fun, stay young, and keep it light.Sincerely,Esteemed Media Guest"

Thank you AJ!

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