Video: Forbidden Bike Co. Announces the Name of their Forthcoming Trail Bike


PRESS RELEASE: Forbidden Bike Co.

We are stoked to provide an update on the development of our 130mm trail bike, The Druid. While we are not officially launching sales just yet, we are getting close and we wanted to give all those who have been inquiring and patiently waiting over the past months something to whet their appetite. We are excited to have our first batch of production frames nearing completion, and on schedule to be delivered to customers in April. As of this morning, you can visit our website to read more about Forbidden Bike Company, and our vision for our brand. Moving into April we will be adding information and features to our site, so stay tuned. As a small company, our production runs are done in limited quantities. Our first shipment of 80 frame kits will be arriving in April and we are anticipating high demand for the bikes based on current interest. For those of you hoping to be one of the first Druid owners please visit our website and register your interest by signing up to our mailing list. Our goal when starting Forbidden was to start fresh in our design process and create something truly unique to share with the mountain bike community. Two years later we are stoked to have been able to achieve this. April can't come soon enough.

Find more information on our story and the Druid on our website: http://www.forbiddenbike.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forbiddenbikecompany/

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