Video: Fatbiking the North Shore with Wade Simmons & Ken Maude


While Whistler and the North Shore ski hills usually get buried under plenty of snow most years, winter tends not to stick around in town and on the mountain bike trails of the Shore. This year, it hit hard and stayed long, leaving riders scratching their heads trying to find things to do in the newly blanketed landscape. But the Godfather of Freeride wouldn't let Old Man Winter stop him from getting out for a shred - Simmons grabs some Rocky Mountain fat bikes and convinces Ken Maude, iconic rider and owner of Lynn Valley Bikes, to have a snow day of shredding the Shore.
bigquotes To this day, the riding never gets boring. The reason I'm so stoked on the Shore is the convenience to access unbelievable natural places - these rare old-growth temperate rain forests leading into sub-alpine lakes and snowy mountains that are juxtaposed against Canada'a third largest city.Wade Simmons

Wade Simmons and Ken Maude have been riding the shore since the early 90's

bigquotes What an experience to be in my backyard in this crazy winter wonderland! To ride in these conditions in the white west coast rain forest was an incredible opportunity.Ken Maude
Snow-style mobbin'.

bigquotes Sometimes, the best even gets better. A time when conditions line up perfectly to step outside our normal riding routines; we don't ride fat-bikes often, but when Mother Nature shakes it up for us, we do. And we love it!Wade Simmons

The best grilled cheese is the one you make yourself outside.

Wade and Ken staying warm and dry with the help of the RF Conspiracy jacket and Agent pants.

bigquotes It is crazy to think that after living here my whole life we still have so much to explore and I couldn’t have done it with anybody else but Wade!Ken Maude


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