Video: Farwell Canyon Freeride & Coast Gravity Park Flow


The Road Trip. The act of taking the idea of escaping the day-to-day, to go explore and experience new surroundings. KM1919 was no exception. Calvin Huth, Steve Shannon and I had been eager to get out and explore the vast dreamland known as Farwell Canyon. This unique and sought-after zone that was founded and ridden in the early ’90s by the pioneers of freeride mountain biking. Fortunately for us, SCOTT had just released a new, badass, do anything bike – the perfect tool for the trip.

The stars were aligning, emails were sent, and we had a plan to head out west.The timing on this trip was a little funny. Calvin and myself were down in Utah for Rampage when we realized there was only a small weather window left up North before winter was set to strike. Needless to say, there was a bit of a “road trip” just to get to point A. The day after finals Calvin’s truck was packed, and we left Utah to embark on the mission back to Canada. After a few liters of coffee and approximately 30+ hours driving, we were in the wild, wild west of The Cariboo Chilcotin. Arriving late at night, camp was set up and the beds were hit in preparation for the next days’ adventures.
Farwell is a special place. If you were to toss Alaskan backcountry skiing, and mountain biking into a blender, you’d get a delicious Farwell freeride smoothie. Like skiing, conditions need to be just right out here. If it’s been too sunny and dry the ground firms up and you’re a dead man when you need to slow down. A little bit of rain, and your tires gunk up and stop rolling. Certain lines are also virtually impossible to scope, due to the technical and steep terrain. Last, but not least, you must earn your turns, no shuttles or chairlifts here- “hike a bike baby!”
With the knowledge of a weather system rolling in there was no time to spare. When we woke the sun was shining, the dirt screaming to be ridden, and so it began. Two full days were had. Early mornings, all time laps down the holy grail of mountain biking, and nights by the fire. The stoke was high. Then the misfortune of weather struck. The rain hit, and it hit hard. There was no option but to leave.
Feeling unfinished and hungry for more, we were eager to get out and show more of what this bike was capable of. This sparked the idea of the Sunshine Coast.After a quick chat with Curtis Robinson and Dillion Dunkerton of the Coastal Crew/Coast Gravity Park, we were off on our next leg of this road trip.After receiving what felt like the golden ticket (the keys to park), we began an amazing shoot in arguably one of the best bike parks in the world. Without a doubt, CGP has some of the best-built trails, period. Huge wave like berms, perfectly sculpted jumps - everything flows. This place is more manicured than your moms garden. You can drop into any line, hit it at trail speed and it all works, first go. It’s incredible. A true fortune to ride.Three days at the park and the project was wrapped up! A road trip that will not be forgotten. The Ransom was put through the wringer on this trip and it performed flawlessly. From steep, gnarly big mountain lines, to DH trails and jumps- it handled it all with ease.Till the next road trip! Cheers, AV

Photos: Steve Shannon
Video: Calvin Huth

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