Video: Andréane Lanthier Nadeau Rips Icy Trails in Quebec


Ride Québec City is a 4-part mini series showcasing the riding in and around the Québec City Area. This is episode IV, filmed at Sentiers du Moulin.
bigquotes Sentiers du Moulin is mountain biking heaven!!Brian Kennedy aka @BKXC
Mountain biking heaven? That’s quite a claim to come from someone who makes a living riding the best mountain bike trail in the world… He has seen a lot! I tend to agree with Brian, the riding at Sentiers du Moulin has something special to it. Not sure what it is though, but it surely has something to do with the strong support the trail centre is receiving from the city and the residents. For this last shoot, we were joined by Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, also known as ALN, who was on vacation after a busy few months racing the EWS. She spent lots of time riding at Sentiers du Moulin as a youth and she was happy to get to ride the newest trails with local trail builder Nic Sauvé.

The weather conditions were less than ideal with rain, hail, freezing rain, snow, and nasty wind chill, but we proceeded regardless with our plan, starting at the “Summit 1” to ride KingKong, SuperG and Basse SuperG.

Largely built by Jeff Dubé, KingKong has been open for a couple months and was an instant hit amongst the freeride crowd. With its right mix of sizeable drops, creative woodwork, intimidating rock faces, lack of “chicken lines” and a mini road gap, this triple black diamond (??) trail is a pleasure to ride.

After shooting most of KingKong, we didn’t have much time left so Nic tried to chase Andréane down SuperG. Not easy!

The next day was all about Wolverine, Nic latest creation. This new trail is the first to be officially built on Mont-Tourbillon. It’s the first step of an ambitious project aimed at integrating mountain biking into an outdoor recreation real-estate project called the Maelström.

Thanks to LB-Cycle, the local trail building crew, this impressive trail was almost built in a single season! Only scoping and rough clearing were done last Fall.
To shoot that day wasn’t easy. With the windchill, it felt like -15°C, cold enough to render Andréane's freehub and Nic's dropper post useless. We had to regroup in a chalet to warm the bikes and hope for the sun and wind to collaborate. And they did! An hour later, we were back on the trail. This new zone is strongly characterized by its granite. The whole mountain feels like a big rock pile covered with moss, hiding crazy lines and perfect slabs… It’s the perfect playground for creative trail builders.

And that’s a wrap for #RideQuebecCity 2018. I hope you enjoyed discovering the trails that surround Quebec City as much as we enjoyed creating this content.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

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