Video: The PartyMaster Tour Hits the Streets of Toronto - Pinkbike


In the third episode, the crew continues it's journey towards the city of Toronto. After the success of last year's stop in Toronto, the guys knew they could count on the help of local bikeshop ZM Cycles to help spread the word and get the community together. As this was the Partymaster Tour's first day of street riding, the stokes were high among the crew and when they saw how many riders showed up, everyone was hyped. The locals know their stuff and took the crew to the perfect spots; large enough to accomodate a big groug of people, diverse things to ride and no risk of getting kicked out. The ride was followed by a friendly get together at ZM Cycles where everyone had access to free food and giveaways.
Street Mountain Biking, as people call it, isn't the most popular discipline nowadays. The movement had loads of buzz around it around year 2000 and seemed to slowly fade away afterwards. There's always been a handful of crews and individuals around the globe keeping it alive, but it really seems to be picking up pace once again over the last year or so and the Toronto scene is a beautiful example.