Video: Commencal Vallnord Team at La Bresse World Cup


To be perfectly honest, we have had an amazing, incredible, wonderful weekend at every single World Cup this year! This last round, La Bresse, was unreal - no, scratch that, it was completely real but so crazy we still haven't fully processed what happened! Even if we already knew that Amaury Pierron and Thibaut Daprela were sure to win the World Cup overall titles, the whole crew were super motivated to perform at the last round of the season, in front of the French crowd.
4th place for Rémi Thirion!
Rémi Thirion was really looking forward to achieving something special in his home mountains. Third in qualifications, he knew he had the speed to get on the podium. He had a clean and fast final run, despite a mistake at the top. He was happy with it, even though he didn't know whether it would be enough for a place on the podium. Not being in the top 20 protected riders, he had to watch more than 20 other riders come down the hill after him. It was a never-ending wait, rider after rider, and for a long while no-one was getting a faster time. When we eventually knew he was on the podium, we couldn't contain our happiness and neither could he! He finished 4th, and we couldn't have wished a better ending for his 'up and down' season.

“When I crossed the finish line, I doubted it was enough for a podium finish, but I already had no regrets about my run. I was dreaming about a podium here so much! This season was hard for me, since my crash last year, I had a few bad moments but everybody around me kept believing in me. This podium at home, in front of my family and friends, feels as good as my World Cup victory in 2013 in Vallnord! I worked so hard to come back and it paid off, I'm so so happy! I'm 12th overall which is good too and now, I'm really looking forward to the World Champs.”

Amaury Pierron, WINNER OF THE 2018 DH WORLD CUP!

He was so close to winning another World Cup! Amaury Pierron was the last rider on track, and he started his run with the fastest time at the first three splits. In one of the last corners, fifteen seconds to the finish line, Amaury was pedaling hard for another win, but slid out and lost some precious seconds! Despite the crash, our 'Momo' still managed to finish 10th, only +6.016 behind the winner.

“I really wanted this victory in front of the French crowd, but I'm so glad Rémi is on the podium! It would have been so good to be up there with him to end this season but I pushed too hard, and I lost - it's the game. I know I have the speed, so I just need to keep it until the World Champs. I'm still happy with my result though. The crowd here was just amazing; it's so good to celebrate this World Cup title with so many people. I always dreamed about a World Cup win, but I never thought I could win three in a row! I can't thank enough all the people and sponsors who have helped me to achieve this; I'm so so happy."

Thibaut Daprela, winner of the day and World Cup overall!

He didn't have the fastest time in qualifying (4th), so he knew he had to push the limits to win his fifth World Cup of the season. When he crossed the line he was not sure he had done enough, but when the last riders came down, and he was still on top, his emotions spilled over, eyes glistening.

“It's really crazy! I dreamed so much about this and it came true. I really wanted to finish the season with another win, and I'm so glad I got it. I'm now focused for the World Champs, I'm going there for the title and if I get it, my season will have been absolutely perfect!”

Myriam Nicole, 3rd of the day and 4th overall!

She wasn't at her best when she left Mont Sainte Anne, and she took her time to get her confidence back. She knew La Bresse World Cup wasn't a goal because she had missed two World Cups, but she really wanted to put in a solid run and have some good feelings on track before the World Champs. Throughout the whole weekend, she worked hard, and she was happy with her performance:

“I know I wasn't battling with the two fastest girls of the day, but it was important for me to get a good result here before the last goal of the season. I'm not disappointed with my season because I know I've done my best and I always came back after each of my injuries. I'm so happy with what my teammates have achieved during the whole season, and I can't wait for the Worlds.”

Gaëtan Ruffin, 48th for his come back!

He hasn't raced since his crash in Val di Sole - it took him six weeks to recover from his broken scaphoid. Gaëtan Ruffin was glad to be back on the bike, and it was good to see him going into finals.

“The weather conditions didn't make it easy but I'm still happy I was able to battle for this last race of the season. I'm so proud of my team, what they have all done this year is absolutely fabulous.”

We couldn't finish the World Cup season without a word from Thibaut Ruffin, team manager. Still recovering after his crash in Leogang, Thibaut is thrilled with his mates' results:

"Well, I could say this is a dream come true... but it was so elusive and unthinkable, that it feels more like just waking up from a dream than having a dream come true! I would have definitely signed for a win in each category this year, and now we have had podiums at almost every World Cup, a win at each stop, plus three overalls out of five! Having Rémi on the box after such a long way to the top is the cherry on the cake and still gives me goosebumps! The riders and team have truly been amazing all year, they all worked so hard to accomplish these results. I'm so stoked and over the moon about what happened that I can't thank everybody enough! One more to go and I can't be more excited."

What a season it was, definitely an incredible feat - we won at least one race at every single World Cup this year, and to win the Team ranking is something very special for us. We know we could not have achieved this without the whole crew, working so hard behind the riders: our three mechanics, Maxime, Gaëtan and Loïc; our osteopath Brieuc; the media crew with Keno, Jean-Rémy, and Bérengère; and obviously the Ruffin Family, Marilou and Jumpy who have always been there to manage our tough logistics, Thibaut and Gaëtan for making this happen and putting this dream team together! This beautiful success would not have been possible without our sponsors and their team, and we'll always be thankful for your hard work in providing the best bikes, components, and equipment. We are lucky to have our back and to work with you guys!

We're now ready for, last but not least, the World Championships! Lenzerheide, we're coming for you!