Video: Andrew Taylor Visits Wyoming, Idaho & Oregon


WyomingWyoming is a place that I've always wanted to check out but never had the chance until now and it definitely didn't disappoint! The epic trails on the Teton Pass and getting to check out Yellowstone made it my favorite state so far. Huge thanks to Bryce Carroll, Ian Haney and Dustin Schaad for the good times!

Idaho After Wyoming, I made my way into Idaho to meet up with my buddies Shelby Paget and Jake Stone who both live in the Boise area. This was the first state that I planned to stay in for two whole weeks but with a last minute trip up to Canada and my parents paying me a surprise visit, it was jammed packed and full of good times.

Oregon From Idaho I made my way into Bend Oregon to meet up with Russ Risdon and Kirt Voreis for a rip down Mt. Bachelor. From Bachelor I made my way to the Oregon Coast to meet up with Josh Venti and crew for his annual Shredfeast. To end my time in Oregon I made one final stop to ride Post Canyon in Hood River with Ben Kepler.

The next states up are Washington, Wyoming and North Dakota. You can follow the adventure through my Instagram & Youtube channel with a new video dropping every Friday.

Cheers from the road! -AT