Video: Andrew Taylor Visits Pennsylvania, Delaware, D.C., Maryland & Virginia



From New Jersey we made my way East into Pennsylvania to meet up and ride with Nate Bargiel and Josh McLeod at their local freeride zone. After a solid day with the guys we made our way South for a ride at the FDR Skatepark and a good ol' classic Philly cheesesteak.

Delaware, D.C. & Maryland

When I started this trip my goal was to always to make a video from each State but unfortunately we were hit by a huge storm during our weeks in Delaware, D.C. & Maryland so we decided to make the best of it and tie it all into one video. Luckily we ran into some cool folks along the way that made this portion of the trip memorable. Huge thanks to Evan, Brendan and the Busta Moves family for the good times!


From Maryland we made our way down to Harrisonburg, Virginia to check out Reddish knob. This was a spot we heard is a must hit but quickly discovered that the area had been hit by the same storm that shut us down in Maryland. Fortunately, the sun was out with the snow melting so it made for a fun ride down Timber and Wolf Ridge. From Harrisonburg we made our way down to Roanoke to meet up with Wes Bailey and check out some of his local trails out at Carvins Cove. After a rip down OG into Gauntlet, the stoke was high!

The next states up are West Virginia, Tennessee & North Carolina. You can follow the adventure through my Instagram & Youtube channel with a new video every week.

Cheers from the road! -AT