Video: Andrew Taylor Visits Minnesota, Michigan & Wisconsin



I didn't have much planned as I headed East from North Dakota into Minnesota but luckily as I was leaving ND, Collin put me in touch with some guys up in the Duluth area. I rolled into town I met up with Jake from Day Tripper of Duluth and he met me out at the Pioneer Trails for a ride above the city. From there I made my way down to the Cottage Grove bike park to end it off with Cole Speer and Nick Fillipi.


Michigan's Upper Peninsula has been another place high on my list. When I first started the trip, Mike Lawless from FSA mentioned that he grew up in Marquette and would be stoked to fly out and join me. After picking him up in Milwaukee we made our way up to Copper Harbor where we met up with Caroline Jarolimek to ride the trails and even caught a live show of one of the UP's most iconic bands, Conga Se Menne. We then made our way into Marquette to finish it off with a ride down Hardtail Pride with Liam O'Connor.


I made my way down into the greater Milwaukee area to meet up with my friend Adam Kruse. During my time in the area we were hit by a ton of rain so after a few days, I made my way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before heading back down to finish off my time in Wisconsin at the Little Swizt Bike Park. Huge thanks to the Kruse family and the guys at Little Switz for showing me a good time while in Wisconsin!

The next states up are Illinois, Indiana & Kentucky. You can follow the adventure through my Instagram & Youtube channel with a new video every Friday.

Cheers from the road! -AT