Video: 10 Years of Team Launches with the UR team


For some people racing means just trying to win. For other people like us racing is more than a job, it’s our life where we are part of the mountain bike community, where we have fun, joke about ourselves, share our doubts, share our dreams and hopefully inspire people along the way. This is why we have been producing different team launch videos for the past 10 years.This throwback features all of them but please be careful as there is an excessive amount of bad jokes, awkwardness, bad accents but also some good riding along the way!

Cheers to 10 years of DREAM RIDE SHARE and thanks to everyone for the support.

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UR team was born at the Morewood factory in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in the backyard of Greg Minnaar who was a special guest of our first ever photoshoot.


The team became official UCI team and saw the tall French man Flo Payet joined our rank. That year marked the first team video launch with a wild South African vibe and also a Snowscoot brand as co-title sponsor!


The year of the extra wild team video launch and the beginning of our Dream-Ride-Share moto introduced with our charity program. The legendary French man Mick Pascal had a great season winning the French National Champion title and a 5th place at World Champs in Champéry.


The Hannah family joins the team and gave us an insane start of the season with a podium from Mick and the victory of Tracey! This was our first weekend going on top of the box as team #1. It was also a bittersweet year for Tracey braking her femur.


Our first year with Polygon Bikes and the year where we took the team to the next level building ourselves our dream truck and grabbing a silver and bronze medal at the World Champs in South Africa.


Our team video was about the dream of a world where mountain bikers took over the world and made our friend Kelly McGarry president of New Zealand. This is also the year we went full enduro with hiring some EWS riders and full Freeride with Sam Reynolds joining the team.


The beginning of our now traditional team train in our videos. It is also the year where we saw the biggest dust explosion and the year of one of the biggest superman ever too!


In this team video, we took the word riding 'train' to the next level with the whole Queenstown riding scene joining us on a mega train. It was also an epic year of world cup podiums and next level air time at Darkfest.


Our best year of racing with the title of #1 at the UCI Team Ranking, grabbing World Cup wins, but also a bittersweet gold and silver again at World Champs in Cairns.


Last year's team launch video showed the come back of our crazy video intros and also a year of hard racing and sick content.


Everything is still up for grabs but at least we already started the year with a good launch and an awesome crew!

Photos credit @ Creatur agency, Dave Trumpore, Callum Wood, Damien Vergez, Grant Robinson, Manu Mole, Victor Lucas, Paris Gore, Lee Trumpore, Ewald SadieMENTIONS: @urteam