Vali Holl's New 29er DH Bike and Air Suspension


Junior racer Vali Holl had the kind of season that dreams are made of, winning all seven World Cup races and a World Championship to boot. Oh yeah, it was her first season doing the World Cup circus, too, making it all the more impressive. With that kind of success behind her, you might be surprised to learn that she's making a number of major changes to her setup for 2019, including a move from 27.5'' to the 29'' hoops on YT's new Tues big-wheeler downhill bike.

Also worth noting is that Holl is going from the coil-spring that she ran for the entire 2018 season to an air-sprung damper from RockShox. This in itself isn't shocking (I'm sorry, that was terrible) but check out the air can on her bike that she posted on her personal Instagram yesterday; notice anything odd? The bottom end of the air can mushrooms out considerably, especially compared to a normal air can's shape, which has likely been done to provide her with a more linear suspension rate.