It's hard to imagine what mountain biking would be without the influence of freeriding on the sport. Our favourite web edits, our local mountain bike parks, our baggy shorts and pretty much everything else we consider as part of "normal" mountain bike culture has been influenced by freeriding in one way or another. Yet, it's not often we think about how it all came to be. Until now.
Skateboarding has "Dogtown & Z-Boys". Surfing has "Riding Giants". Freestyle Motocross has "Unchained". And now, 20 years in the making, freeride mountain biking is set to have a film about its origin story and what that meant to mountain biking.
Eric Berger photo. Christian Begin filming for Kranked 1.
Christian Begin filming for Kranked 1.
"The Moment" is a feature length documentary about the birth of freeride mountain biking that features the mountain bikers and filmmakers who rose up, challenged the status quo, and turned the sport of cycling on its head. Directed by former pro mountain biker-turned-filmmaker Darcy Hennessey Turenne, this film is a comprehensive look at how the sport began, told by the characters who lived it first hand.


Wade SimmonsRichie SchleyBrett TippieChris LawrenceDave SwetlandDan CowanTodd "Digger" FianderChristian BeginBjorn EngaMitchell ScottElladee Brown

Leslie Anthony

Eric BergerJohn GibsonSterling LorenceGreg StumpBryson MartonThomas VanderhamAnthony SmithCraig OlssonGraham AgassizDik CoxDave Reddick

& More...

With over a year and a half of full-time work being put into the making of the film, it is almost complete. However, the production is still looking for support to complete the film and be able to share the history of the sport with the mountain bike community, and the world beyond. A Kickstarter page has been set up with prizes ranging from movie t-shirts, to digital downloads of the film, to heli biking trips, to bike frames, to rides with Wade Simmons. We can't wait to share this film with you!


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