Tech Randoms: Part Two


The dust is starting to settle on the first big event of the year in Rotorua, New Zealand. It's a chance for riders to put their new bikes and components to the test, and to see if that off-season preparation paid off.

Here's a collection of what we saw while roaming around over the last week in Rotorua. There's a little tech and gear with a lot more random.

Liam Keenan had a crash two years ago that changed his life forever, leaving him a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Keenan didn't let that stop him. He competed in the DH events on his his highly modified Pivot Phoenix. With the help of his friends strapping him in and getting him going, he took a coast into the start of the Air DH, tripping the sensor and starting the clock. Hands down the most inspiring thing I witnessed all week. No excuses here.

We found this fella racing Justin Leov's old Yeti 4x.

Ride Concepts had samples of their shoes out on display.

TLD were painting helmets, and this one was going to go home with one lucky winner.

Endura's trail helmet and Bontrager's new WaveCel technology lid.

Trek had all of their athletes' custom painted frames posted up in their booth. Always some of the best looking paint jobs.

Mmm, thermoplastic. Can anyone name this GT and what year it was produced?

With strict biosecurity measures in place in several countries including New Zealand and Tasmania, everyone traveling to the next round of the EWS was washing bikes and then carrying them to the pits to be packed. Clean bikes help avoid delays.