Video: Stanton Bikes New Full Suss Tested in the Alps


PRESS RELEASE: Stanton Bikes

It’s been an intense year here at Stanton, and proofing the manufacture for production of our new Switch9er FS has been a really complex puzzle. We’re all tooled up at our new manufacturing facility in Matlock and have now got to the stage of production quality prototyping, so it was time for a month of heavy beasting out in the Alps! We built up our production complete offerings and gave them to our test riders Ben, Oli & Aiken, also known on the race circuit as Bollywood Racing. Ben at 6ft 4” was on the 19.5” with a 500mm reach (grey), Aiken was on the 18” with a reach of 470mm (matte brown) and Oli was on the 16.5 with a 445mm (blue).

The trails were fast, loamy and dry. Perfect for testing the new Switch9er FS

After a few weeks of 8 hour days riding all of the gnarliest, roughest tracks they could find both off piste and at bike parks all over the Alps, we decided as they were smashing through parts left, right and centre to go down and meet them in Samoens, France with tyres, mechs, shifters, brakes and so on and take advantage of the situation so we could get some footage for an edit and some sweet ass images. So I got Joe our media guy to jump in the van with me.After the 16hr drive down through Europe and the consumption of many coffees we finally landed in the car park where Team Bollywood were living the Van-Life. The feedback we got from them was the cherry on the cake. We’ve now hit ‘GO’ on the production of CNC’d parts and we’ll be building to customer orders from the first week of October. Anyway, here’s the footage snipped into a little edit!

Ben, Oli & Aiken in The Alps

WORDS - Dan StantonVIDEO - Joe O'BrienRIDERS - Oli Watson, Ben Lord, Aiken CollingeMUSIC - Brothel: Remission