Race Report: Superenduro 2019 Round 1


This weekend the first round of the 2019 Superenduro unfortunately had to be cancelled. Rain had been forecast for race day, but as the clouds rolled in, it fell as snow at the top of the first stage. The cold temperatures at the top (1200m) caught some people unaware and exposed to the elements, this left a handful of people hospitalized with hypothermia. With medical staff beginning to get spread thin the decision was made to cancel the race during the first stage, just before the top 80 set off. This was a disappointment to everyone, but the decision had been made together by the race director, race commissaries, and the rescue team, for the safety of the riders. There’s a lesson in this, we shouldn’t ever underestimate the mountains, but instead respect and learn from them.We were still at the event all weekend, and have a non-race, race report for you. Set on the Ligurian coast, just a stone throw for the world-renowned Finale Ligure, in the neighboring town of Pietra Ligure. It boasts the same beautiful Italian coastline, historical architecture, food, mountains and most importantly, friendly, easy-going Italians. The riding scene and quality of trails here have recently been going from strength to strength, an obvious choice for the Superenduro to host its opening round of 2019.This weekend saw a new rule introduced to limit practice to only the Saturday before the race, this is something that appears to be welcomed by all the riders. The trails are in better condition and it’s fairer race and keeps the cost down for the racers.
From sea to mountains, you can see how this beautiful area can lull you into a false sense of security.

After the off season it's a chance for riders to catch up with one and other. Davide Sottocornola checks in with the Lupato Brothers.

Francy Lucchini taking a tumble on one of the awkward rocky turns.

Riders started from Pietra Ligure town center on Sunday morning in the rain, they rode to the shuttle pickup point which took them to the top of stage one.

Denny and Alex Lupato were already at the top of the stage and decided to ride the stage back down to town. They were a little disappointed the race had been called off, but also had the best time riding the stage in the slop.