Video - Spengle's 3-Spoke Carbon Wheels


Remember those wild looking, three-spoke carbon fiber wheels that were all over the internet a few months back? The ones with the funny name that had all the old-timers reminiscing about how they saved their paper route money for a set of Spin wheels a hundred-ish years ago? Well, Spengle's 1,490 EUR wheels have gone into production, and I have a set of them to review.

It's still early days - I've just got them on a bike now - but the Swiss company is saying things like how they're ''aiming for people to look at spokes and consider them to be the odd-looking wheels,'' in a few years time. Optimistic? Yeah, probably, and judging by the vibe in the comment section, ya'll agree...

Not that I expected - or wanted - you guys to hold anything back because that'd be boring. Anyway, looking at the numbers kinda makes me want to type out my own snarky comment; a 24mm internal width, 1,750 grams, and 1,490 EUR. That's somewhere around $1,700 USD, and we all know there are lighter, wider, and less expensive wheels out there, so who the hell is gonna pony up for these funky looking things? Someone who likes funky looking things, obviously.

But maybe there's more to these wheels than numbers and spec? Spengle says that the tri-spoke design isn't driven by appearance, but rather by performance: ''Effectively what we are saying is that when a spoked wheel interacts with the ground, it is passing that force straight back up to the rider, but by using the tri-blade monocoque we are spreading that force away from the rider, giving them a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Using the black stuff to engineer-in a degree of forgiveness isn't anything new, and we all know that smart people can do smart neat things with carbon fiber. So while it's obvious that doubt is high in the average reader's mind - which is understandable - they're interesting enough to warrant more than dentist jokes and throwbacks to similar looking wheels from more than twenty years ago. Or maybe not, but at least we'll have some fun finding out. Stay tuned.