Social Roundup: Lorraine Truong's Flip, Troy Brosnan's Close Call, & More


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Troy Brosnan:

Troy Brosnan nearly took a huge spill at the Cannonball Festival in Thredbo yesterday when a few of the other racers were a bit too eager to spot his line. Standing on the very limits of the track, Troy had to turn his bars to avoid hitting them in what could have been a nasty episode.Troy posted two Instagrams of the incident, the first was a picture with the caption, "When the kids think it's an enduro race and stand right on the race line... almost smoked these fools today." The other was a video that called it the "closest call' of his life.Thankfully nobody got hurt and it only serves as a timely reminder to stay behind the tape unless you're on a bike. It didn't seem to slow Troy down and he's clearly on great form for Sunday's race.

Lorraine Truong

Lorraine Truong was a rising EWS star and had just landed her dream job to become an engineer at BMC before multiple concussions while racing changed her life forever. Lorraine suffered a traumatic brain injury and spends large amounts of time in a wheelchair as a result, so we were beyond stoked when we saw this clip she uploaded. When most people can't land a backflip on a bike Lorraine is sending it in a wheelchair!

Read about Lorraine's injury in an interview with Pinkbike here.

Fabio Wibmer:

Austrian YouTube and Trials star Fabio Wibmer had us scratching our heads for while with this one. Watch until the end for the 'wait...what?' moment.

Remy Metailler:

Remy Metailler was one of the riders competing at the Medellin Downhill Challenge and uploaded this warp speed POV of his race run. We still have no idea how these riders manage to race through streets and stairs this fast.

The Downhill Challenge Medellin has also set the Guinness World Record for the longest urban downhill mountain bike race track in the world. The 2,274.485 metre long track snaked through Commune 13 of the Colombian town, which is infamous for its association with drugs baron Pablo Escobar. More info on the race here.