Social Round Up: Fairclough Getting Stylish, Levy's Weird Bike, Lemoine Destroying a Wheel, & More


@joel_anderson - Joel Anderson nearly lands on Connor Macfarlane on the famous Innsbruck Whip Off jump.

@samreynolds26 - First look at one of the INSANE Dark Fest jumps from South Africa.

@killed_by_death - Pinkbike's own Mike Levy created this monster in the workshop. A Giant Trance with Trust's linkage fork, Syncros one piece carbon wheels and cockpit, titanium cranks and Vee rubber. Keep your eyes peeled for a full bike check coming on YouTube

@boulard_antoine - Antoine Boulard's no hand wizardy.

@tomaslemoine - Tomas Lemoine blowing up his rear wheel while doing a Dukes of Hazzard style jump. Watch with sound off if bad words make you upset.

@brendog1 - Brendan Fairclough gets super steezy on board Scott's new DH bike.

@pinkbike - #10yearchallenge MTB Edition.

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