Smugglin' Transition's SBG Across the Rockies - Video


In an effort to get the new Speed Balanced Geometry spread across the United States, a couple Smugglers are hired for the trip across the Rockies.
With the blistering hot summer in full effect, this trip was one of the toughest we have fought through. Shooting from sunrise to sunset, midday temps in the 100s, earthquakes at night, and crashing drones. Despite all that, we still had a damn good time. Scroll through the photos below to see some of the shenanigans and shredding from the trip.

To check out the 2018 Smuggler, as well as the other bikes in the line, head to the Transition siteVideo Production: Skye SchillhammerCamera work: Brian ElliotRiders: Blake Treadway (US sales) and Skye Schillhammer (media squid)Photography: Ben Tobin MENTIONS: @TransitionBikeCompany