Sam Hill Signature Stem, Grips and Handguards - Core Bike 2019


Photos: Brian ParkSam Hill has added to his signature Nukeproof component line with a new stem, some softer grips and branded hand guards that were all revealed at Core Bike Show today.


Sam has been using Nukeproof's Horizon stem all year so it was time for him to get his own signature model. Just like the rest of the Horizon line, the stem has a 5mm rise and weighs 129 grams at 35mm length. The stem is available in 35mm, 50mm and 65mm versions, of which Sam shoots down the middle with 50mm on his race bike.Price: £59.99


Nukeproof has had a pair of Sam Hill grips in its inventory since 2013 but Core saw the release of a super-soft compound for those looking for even more grip. There's no change in design here but the 15 durometer rubber is replaced with 5 durometer for racers who are after maximum performance but aren't necessarily worries about the longest lasting grip. Proce: £19.99


Enduro handguards may be opinion splitters but Sam Hill is a full convert and has been racing with them since the last race of the 2016 EWS season. The guards offer the obvious protection for your hands from trailside branches but they also protect your brake levers during a crash - to finish first, first you must finish.

Sam's model is really just a re-sticker job on a pair of AVS handguards, but with AVS only previously being sold on their own website this Nukeproof branded model gives them access to CRC, retailers and a much bigger market. Read our review of them here.

Price: £69.99