Revonte's New E-bike Motor with Stepless Gearing Eliminates the Rear Derailleur


The e-bike market carries a significant potential in several domains, like getting more to people ride bikes and making modern mountain bikes even more versatile. In the technological side however, the progress has been incremental at best. We at Revonte are about to change that by providing an e-bike motor option that differentiates itself clearly from the existing options. Please continue reading to see why and how.

CVT - A Brief Background

If you aren't well versed in automotive or industrial world, the three-letter acronym CVT might not be familiar. It stands for continuously variable transmission – a technology which has been used in a wide range of industrial applications. In the car manufacturing world, heavy hitters like Subaru, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes have made their own versions. We have implemented the time-tested technology to two wheeled and (mostly) human powered vehicles. CVT offers significant and even unheard benefits and ride qualities when it comes to e-bikes in particular

What Is It?

We at Revonte have created a new type of e-bike motor and drivetrain construction which is based – you guessed it right – on CVT technology. The technology principle itself can be considered quite old. In this case that comes with a considerable advantage. If a technology has stood the test of time, it means that it is highly functional and in this case, robust. The former can be said about the conventional rear derailleur as well. The latter? Well, let´s leave that for you, the reader, to decide.The principle behind our CVT motor could be described as elegant in all of its simplicity. Besides the ingenious principle behind the CVT technology, we’ve made a considerable effort to make it light and compact by means of mathematical modelling, simulation, and good old-fashioned engineering. After all the hard work, we can say that the result is very pleasing. The “hardware side” is only half of the equation, although an important one. Besides that, the technology is more robust than any other existing one in the e-bike market, our motor ride qualities are highly adaptable via software. This means two things, which are very profound:1) More adjustability and choices for the rider – more on this later.2) One motor can be used in all bikes, no matter the intended use and application. This will make a very happy product manager, no matter the size of the company he is working in.

The Benefits – What It Does?

The term “continuous” behind the acronym C in CVT gives a strong clue what’s to come. Taken straight from the CVT motor Wikipedia page:

bigquotes “Shiftless transmission, single-speed transmission, stepless transmission, pulley transmission, or, in case of motorcycles, a ‘twist-and-go’, is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios.”
Yes, you read it right. Our motor has stepless gearing which means that the bike can be ridden with constant, self-selected cadence – everywhere. No matter if you’re sprinting towards a double with a high gnar factor, pedaling up the hill for the next dose of ascending fun, or riding casually along the local trail, changing between coasting and pedaling modes. No gear or cadence changes are needed, if the rider does not wish so. The motor and software do the work for you in that department – continuously – and will serve its duties in any type of bike, whether it would be hardtail or a heavy-duty rig that lives for downhills.However, if the traditional indexed shifting is preferred, that poses no problem. The software can be adapted to any number of gears. The current “standard” of 12-speeds is just an arbitrary number, certainly not the limit. With our system, one could go as low as 5- or as high as 20-speed, for example. Once again, this is only a matter of software preferences.

Time to Ditch the Derailleur

The current derailleur is a respectable feat of engineering. It has served it´s time though and one could argue that the existing potential has been used for the most part. Broken derailleurs, bent hangers, rattling chains and clutches worn too loose will be a memory in the past, located in the same bin next to cantilever brakes.Our drivetrain employs a single-speed setup. All the gear ratios, automatic transmission or indexed gears are achieved by use of a single chain (or belt, if that's what you like to roll with). This brings the drivetrain complexity down by several magnitudes, meaning fewer braking parts, less need for maintenance and therefore, less unwanted headaches. Frame designers and even whole engineering departments will most likely welcome this change with open arms as well. The end users, meaning the riders, will benefit the most though, with a significantly improved riding experience.

What Will Follow?

We are working extremely hard to get the finalized product out to daylight. News about further details, photos, blog articles and most importantly release dates (when confirmed) can be found at our site Revonte.com.

Pay us a visit and stay tuned. It´s about to change how e-bikes are made and ridden. We are not here to add small incremental improvement to the already stacked pile. We prefer a complete revolution.