Review: Handup Gloves


The gloves all have appropriate "stoke signals" on the palms.
The sweat wipe on the thumb is functional and soft.


My preference for gloves is for something as simple as possible - no padding and fancy technology required, I want the most basic, minimalist, affordable, and functional gloves I can find that also fit well and don't bunch up while riding. There are options out there but not many tick all of the boxes, especially the "affordable" category.Handup's gloves hit the mark. They're reasonably priced, comfortable, minimal, don't bunch up, and are easy to pull on and off. The thin design allows your hands to keep a lot of dexterity and doesn't compromise the feel of handlebars or controls. The mesh back keeps things cool when it's hot out, and the soft wipe on the thumb won't scratch your face when you're wiping off sweat or snot. The gloves fit true to size - I wear a medium in almost every glove made and these are no exception. Ignoring the washing instructions on the tag, I've thrown these gloves in the washing machine and dryer and they're still fine. They've outlasted multiple pairs of more expensive gloves, and the fit has remained consistent. That longevity means I've ended up using the gloves for not just riding but trail building, yard work, and car work, and they've somehow survived it all.

Pinkbike's Take

bigquotes Handup Gloves are my go-to when it comes to a good all-around mountain bike glove, and have been for a number of seasons. It's refreshing to see a product that simply works as it should, is available in a variety of styles, and offers what I consider to be a great value.Daniel Sapp