Rever's Attack and Arc Hydraulic Brakes - Taipei Cycle Show 2019


Rever's Attack two-piston brake costs $95 USD per end.
Rever, an off-shoot of Jagwire, might not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about brakes, but their mineral oil-based Attack and Arc models appear to be straightforward, gimmick-free options that could make sense. The Attack is their lower-priced model that sells for $95 USD (without a rotor) and sees a sturdy looking top-end combined with a two-piston caliper, all of which comes in at 235-grams. Rever was refreshingly straight with me - the Attack isn't meant to blow minds with its technology, but simply be a reliable, powerful brake that'll sell for a reasonable price. Up top, you're looking at a left or right-specific design with a split clamp, a two or three-finger lever blade, and a reach adjustment dial that skips the tiny hex key.
That funny looking orange thing is a vented aluminum extension meant to help dissipate heat, much like the fins on Shimano's IceTech pads.
Down at the wheel, the Attack gets a forged caliper that's home to a set of 22mm diameter pistons. You can also spec their 'Heat Dissipation Cover' Shimano-compatible pads that combine a vented, 0.6mm thick aluminum top panel with 1mm thick steel backplates.