Live Updates: Dual Speed & Style


The Mons Royale Speed & Style Rotorua is underway. Watch live here.
LIVE UPDATES (PST):9:53pm - We're into the round of 8. Massive upset with Kyle Strait washing out over the top of a berm and not advancing.9:58pm - Greg Watts & Viktor Douhan throwing synchronized front and backflips side by side. Greg edges him out in run 1. (edit: frontflip suicide no hander? that a first? Berrecloth comes in and says Douhan got robbed on the trick score.)10:03pm - Pre-race favourite Thomas Lemoine eliminates Mitch Chubey after Mitch couldn't overcome the time differential from a crash in R1.10:06pm - Martin Soderstrom advances over Tyler McCaul with a consistent, stylish run.10:09pm - Douhan and Watts mirror their first runs, with the scores right this time according to the Claw (is the Law). Watts advances on time.10:12pm - Billy Meaclem takes the win over Mike Ross, but Ross threw a HUGE superman over the last jump.10:13pm - The round of 4 is here!10:17pm - oh no! Lemoine over rotates a double truckdriver and blows a tire on the first hit. He'll have to overcome the max differential in the 2nd heat against Soderstrom.10:23 - Greg Watts with a flip bar to bar back to bar on the last jump, but Billy Meaclem takes the heat on speed. Greg is on the phone, explaining to organizers that he feels a barspin got missed. Drama.10:29 - Lemoine won't drop in for heat 2, but will compete for the small final once he fixes his flat.

Final Results

1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th.

Full Results will be here.

Video and photos coming soon. MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx