Podcast: Suspension, the Next Frontier


Words: Chris HallAre tyre inflation systems the next step in improving the overall suspension performance of our bikes? In this episode, we get into the detail of one of the most promising and also misunderstood technologies to enter the mountain bike world for some time. I’m joined by Adam Krefting, the founder and inventor of CushCore for a chat. We talk about how a regular tubeless tyre system works, and interacts with our suspension. Find out how Adam worked to create a product that can improve on that, and deliver not only improved puncture resistance and rim protection, but also significant benefits in how the bike rides and performs. We get into the science behind this, and some of the testing that CushCore have done to show what is possible. If you’ve been tempted to try some tyre inserts, or are looking for ways to improve your bike without spending a fortune, then this episode is well worth a listen!

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NB: Our own Tech Editor Daniel Sapp has been digging into the numbers and the tech and will report back on it soon.