Podcast: Max Fredriksson Talks Recovering From Injuries, Mindset & 2019 Slopestyle Season Preparation


Swedish slopestyle sensation Max Fredriksson joins us for the latest episode of The HKT Podcast. Max shot to fame during the 2016 FMB World Tour series and secured a 3rd place finish at Red Bull Joyride, Whistler. He then went on to have a couple of seasons plagued with injuries and personal challenges. During this episode we discuss his early dedication to the sport and how other athletes like Martin Soderstrom have helped pave the way for Swedish slopestyle, we chat about overcoming career-threatening injuries, the mindset and physical capabilities it takes to compete at the highest level and much more...
bigquotes I literally sat there looking out at nothing saying to myself well, that was a fun career...

The camaraderie between slopestyle athletes is strong. But, the risks involved to get to the top are high

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