Podcast: Behind Freeride Mountain Biking Documentary 'Passion' With Peter Jamison


Words: Davi Birks // Photo: Peter Jamison
Peter Jamison is a mountain bike photographer/film maker who at 19 years of age has just released his first feature length movie called 'PASSION'. The movie takes a behind the scenes look at the lives of David Lieb, Ethan Nell, Reed Boggs, Matt Macduff and Nicholi Rogatkin. On this episode of The HKT Podcast we discuss how Peter was living in a tent when he came up with the concept for the film, how he managed to keep the entire project a secret and the reason he self funded the entire process himself.
bigquotes I was actually living in a tent at Highland Mountain Bike Park eating peanut butter and fluff everyday and, that's when I came up with concept for the movie!

Nicholi Rogatkin wrote the perfect ending to the movie.

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