Pinkbike Poll: Who's Going to Win World Champs?


The final showdown. With the World Cup season done and dusted there's nothing to lose in the quest for the fabled rainbows. There's no need to play it safe to think about accumulating points for the overall and riders have a long winter ahead to recover if things go south, but the opportunity and privilege to wear the rainbow jersey for a year and position the stripes on custom race kits for eternity is seriously tempting. Place your bets now:

Junior Women

In the Junior Women, there's one name that stands out, an Austrian capable of beating the elites a minimum of two years older than her. If things don't go to plan for Vali Holl, there's a bunch of talent ready to grab some gold.

Junior Men

In the Junior Men's race, times start to get a little tighter. Thibaut Daprela has been part of the nouveau French charge this year and took the Junior overall convincingly winning five from seven and filling in the blanks with 2x second places. But, Kerr, Kade, and A'Hern could easily pull one out of the bag for this one off race.

Elite Women

Elite Women were getting more competitive over the last few seasons as the Atherton whitewash was diluted, but judging by the last two World Cups, she is back and stronger than ever. Seagrave, Hannah, and Nicole are her main threats and as we know, anything can happen at the World Championships.

Elite Men

Will it be the year that Gwin breaks his World Championships curse? After a season plagued with injury, a swap to wagon wheels, and an uncharacteristic fall in La Bresse, it's hard to tell his form, but it is likely to be bloody good as always. Danny Hart has done well here in the past, and Pierron is on fire. The Elite Men's category is insanely competitive, and in reality, there are more than a few dozen riders that could ride to the top step.