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Well, that was a hell of a season. On the downhill side, we had some of the tightest racing in the history of the sport, at least in the men's field. We also have a new World Cup overall winner in Amaury Pierron who, while he had some success previously, really came into his own in 2018. The new generation is here, it seems, and they're fast as hell. And what's left to say about Rachel Atherton? She returned from some injuries to add to her World Cup tally (is it 1,000 wins yet?) and yet another World Champs title. Legendary domination, really. The cross-country crew made it an exciting year, too, with Nino having his work cut out for him, and battle after battle in the women's field that culminated in an incredible final lap upset by Kate Courtney in Lenzerheide. Wild times. Cross-country racing is strong and, thanks to some great live coverage, and it's more electrifying than ever before.

If you follow racing, and I mean really follow racing, you no doubt have an opinion when it comes to what's more important: A season-long World Cup series that takes into account consistency over the year, different venues and courses, and some strategy... Or the one-day, all or nothing World Champs where racers must deal with a special kind of pressure.

So, if you were a top-flight racer who needs to pick one to focus on, would you care more about the World Cup overall title, or would representing your country at the one-day World Championships sit at the top of your priority list?