Photo Report: 'The Thaw is On'


With ski season wrapping up, SilverStar Mountain Resort kissed winter good-bye with the biggest festival in their history: SEISMICFest.

SilverStar. Epic. Iconic. Spring. Mountain. Industry. Collective. 10 days of sport, music, comedy, and damn good food and drink.

Welcome to the party.

A Family Affair.
A successful test run for SEISMICFest, but that isn't what we are here to talk about, is it? No, we want to see bikes on snow.

And Crashes...
Max Fierek goes full OTB.

If you are going to crash, do it for a camera.

Lost momentum means pushing.
The premise, simple: Take a ski cross course, add bikes. 2 runs.Best time wins.
53 Riders dropped in.
Cross sport fans.
Laine Koroll makes the cut.

It was as slippery as it looks.

Still plenty of snow up there!

When all else fails, use the force.
Keep looking on.
Even leaving the finishing corral was a task!
Patio Season.

Unicorn Approved.

Women's Podium 1st: Lauren Rosser, 2nd: Crystal Townsend, 3rd: Nikki Way 4th: Rose Oakhill.

Mens Podium 1st: Stephen Schwarz, 2nd: Karl Heldt, 3rd: Jakob Hartman, 4th: Matt Cameron.

Check out Seismic Here
Pinkbike Out.

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