Photo Report: European DH Cup Final, Brandnertal


Another summer race series just came to an end. In one of the wildest races with rain pouring down and mud changing its state of aggregation from liquid to sticky the spectators were in for a show. Brandnertal isn't a new venue for the series and is growing and pushing just a little harder every year. With rain on Friday and Saturday riders were enjoying one big slip'n'slide. From the outside, it looked absolutely miserable but plenty of riders loved the conditions. Sunday was another tough but dry day on the wild mountainside of Brandnertal but with the offseason in sight, everyone was ready to send it. The European champ and 5th in the World Cup overall Monika Hrastnik came to take the overall. With health issues, Hrastnik was more about having a safe weekend and seeded far outside of the top 3 but on race day she was able to push. With a slight crash and one rider to overtake she still rode the second fastest time of the day. Nina Hoffmann who is coming from a career-best in La Bresse rode with so much confidence and made it down the hill clean and fast. She took the day win but she rarely closed the gap to Hrastnik who took the overall title for the second year in a row.Joshua Barth and Bryn Dickerson were the two men who would fight for the iXS European DH Cup overall in the elite men. Both were constant podium riders with each one win. With 23 points separating both it all came down the final run. Whoever would place in front of the other takes the trophy.But it was Johannes von Klebelsberg who shocked everyone b winning the qualification by almost five seconds. Conditions were tricky no doubt about it but that was quite a margin. Barth and Dickerson were both up there and it all came down to the final run. While von Klebelsberg had another stellar run to secure himself the win it was Joshua Barth who kept it upright and going to take the overall title. Dickerson crashed out and passed it into Barth's hands who kept it upright and going what crowns him the 2018 iXS European DH Cup champion.



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