Photo Recap: Kamikaze Enduro


It was the final day of the 2018 Kamikaze Games and time for the enduro race. This stop is part of the California Enduro Series and is also a qualifier for the Enduro World Series. The riders had an early start and had to deal with the brisk and windy conditions. Stage 1 took riders down the trails Brake Through, Flow and Smooth Operator. This first stage was by most accounts a great warm up and started off with a fair amount of pedaling as the trail traversed across the mountain. The trail continued its flowy feel for the remainder of the stage. After riders were feeling warmed they were brought to the top of the mountain to start Stage 2 on Skid Marks trail. The course was loose and there were plenty of deep pumice pockets waiting to grab unsuspecting riders. Once riders were done braving the open, freeride feel of Skid Marks, the course continued down Roma's Road, Bridge the Gap, Lower Skid Marks, Lincoln Express and Follow me. After a gradual climb and quick lift ride racers found themselves at the start of Stage 3. This course took riders down Sunset Strip, Velocity and Twilight Zone. Part of this stage was featured in the downhill race the previous day and it was no surprise that this section had some big time splits between the riders. Moving on to Stage 4, racers started by bombing down the fire roads of Kamikaze. This section is all about high speeds and having the courage to leave your brakes open. Towards the bottom of the mountain, the riders bounced back and forth between more fire roads and the trails White Bark and Richter. This would be the final stage for the beginner and sport categories, as only the experts and pros moved on to the most challenging Stage 5. The last stage of the day would prove to be the most challenging. Racers were tired from the previous four stages and this final stage put riders up against the technical Chain Smoke trail. This stage featured numerous rock gardens, drops and pumice fields. Many of the racers had hang ups, foot dabs or all out falls on this track and staying on your bike was the key to putting down a fast time. The 2018 enduro course was fast, technical and an overall great race. Full results can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page. Till next year Mammoth!


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